Go Further: May Challenge

May! Is it already May?

Yes, every Challenge post will probably start with that.  I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat and a dry cough, and thought to myself that I might be overdoing the exercise, a tad.  So while I had thought my May goal would be to exercise every day again, with an emphasis on strength, it’s going to be this, in honor of May being National Bike Month:

I will ride a bike (stationary or otherwise) 4 times a week in May.

I’m excited about this goal, because I rode my bike to work on Friday and it was pretty good (just have to figure out how to dress for it.)  I’m excited because I finally got on my road bike again last week.  I’m excited because it means biking to the farmer’s market and my hairdresser’s.  I’m excited because it means (hopefully) committing to going to spin class at least once a week.  And I’m excited because it just might make bike riding a habit for a reluctant cyclist such as myself.

So share your goals!  Feel free to stick with the same you’ve had, or change it up.  I may also introduce a cooking/eating challenge, if people are interested.  I think my goal is going to be to eat a vegetable every day in May.  (It’s really sad that I don’t really do this already.)  Oh, and in case you were wondering: potatoes and corn are not vegetables, they are starches.  So feel free to set a food goal as well.



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3 responses to “Go Further: May Challenge

  1. I’m going to continue with my daily yoga goal — which has become even more important because my shin splints are returning. (I think I’m kind of not built for running, although my husband says that I’m just building up the muscles I need.)

    I’m also going to set a food goal: no dessert or alcohol on weeknights. If I’m craving something sweet I will stick to mangos or strawberries.

  2. Jo

    My goal is going to be continuing my Couch to 10K, but interspersing it w/ yoga/Pilates.

    I stopped after running twice last week because my hip joints were hurting horribly. They feel better now so I’m going to try again and just hope that I can get thru it.

    I’m going to visit a friend in CT this week, and she is a hard core mountain biker! I’m taking my bike and we’re both very jazzed to bike together. I told her I need the bunny trail, though! 🙂

  3. My goal is to run at least four times every week in May. It doesn’t matter how far or how fast, but I want to get out there more often!

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