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I made a decision recently.  Which is that I do not want to go from my current job to a slightly-better job.  Which means not moving to another part time job just because it pays better, or moving to a full-time job with no benefits because it would be full-time and not part-time.  It means holding out, a little bit,   I made this decision for a few reasons:

1) I like my job now, even though it isn’t full time.

2) I would like those fancy grownup things like insurance and paid vacation time, and the sooner I start earning them, the better.   If I switch to another part-time job or a job with no benefits, I think I will have to work there for awhile to make another transition, which will set me back.

3) I am anxious for my “real life’ to start, and if I take another part-time or low-paying job, I will spend another six months trying to find another new job, and I’m pretty darn tired of job hunting.

I am aware that part of the nature of this market, and my career path, is that I will change jobs frequently, that I will face unemployment when grants end.  But the job that I have now is good experience, it’s a supportive work environment, and it’s interesting.  And I don’t really want my resume to reflect that I can’t hold a job for more than a couple of months, although I’m not sure if that is what an employer would see when they look at it.

Thoughts?  Are you also in limbo with job stuff?


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I have some really bitter moments, and I’ll admit that one of them came right around when I lost my funding, and a number of friends were undertaking incredibly intense physical challenges – training for marathons, triathlons, and cross-country bike rides.  With these friends came the inevitable requests to donate to their causes.  Which, for certain organizations, also includes donating to their airfare and hotel stays – which to me, sounds like I’m being asked to fund their vacation in the name of cancer research.  I know this isn’t true, but remember, this was a low point for me.

So I very nearly sat down and wrote out an extremely pathetic request for donations to support my job, which would have read something like this:

“If you donate to me, I will not run a marathon or put myself through some kind of powerful physical challenge.  I will instead get up in the morning, put on a suit, and go to work.  Where I will work very hard, where I will see up to 7 clients a day, all low-income, inner city seniors, many of whom have had very hard lives and deserve a break, like free legal services and knowing that their assets will help support their children and grandchildren, freedom from creditors and debt collectors, and assistance navigating the legal and financial world.”

It strikes me as interesting that nobody has come up with a non-profit version of Kickstarter, in which the current class of over-educated and under-employed people solicits people they know directly for help with their salaries.  I think it could be called Grantstarter (although there seems to be already an organization with this name).  This might seem like a terrible idea, but I hear a lot of, “I wish there was something I could do to help you.”  Which I sometimes wish I could respond to with, “if you donate $10 to my Grant on Grantstarter, it will help.”  Not everybody can help me find a job.  Not everybody can give me a lot of money.  But it would give people like my parents an avenue to donate to my job, without just slipping me money whenever I see them, and they would know that the money went directly to my salary.

So the questions are: 1) does this service already exist? and 2) does this sound like a good idea? Would you donate to my Grantstarter page?


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