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One of the things I’ve been finding the most amazing is the sportsmanship in this Olympics.  (Also, I find myself narrating my performance in court these days.  “Vado stays totally cool under pressure, doesn’t interrupt the Judge, doesn’t correct him even though he is currently screaming at her for an error that she did not cause, and now she is going to go negotiate a settlement.”)  But my complex aside, sportsmanship.

There are certain sports where everybody hugs or congratulates each other afterwards with a look of fierce hatred or disappointment still on their face.  It’s especially painful in swimming, where athletes hug before they even get out of the pool, and gymnastics, where the cameras are right in the face and the gymnasts are really struggling not to show too much emotion in any direction.  In swimming, it’s usually the gold medalist hugging the person the edged out by a thousandth of a second to win.  The person who didn’t win is in shock and just wants to get the hell out of there, take a deep breath, and punch something hard.  With the gymnasts, there is a look on their face of “hug me , I just want to get the eff out of here.”  I totally get this.  It’s really hard to shake the hand of the opposing team and say, “good game” at the end of a game that you should have won and didn’t.  It’s even harder to walk out there and shake the hand of the winner when you feel deeply deeply disappointed in yourself.

Then you have the people who are genuinely thrilled to hug the person who won, who is the best in the world.  These are the people who are okay with walking away and saying, “I got a silver medal” or “I’m the tenth fastest person in the world”.  These are the people I find amazing.  My favorite so far is Sam Mikulak, who vaulted, realized he wasn’t going to medal, and said something like, “this guy is gonna tear it up” and then after Yang Hak Seon vaulted, ran up to him and said, “GIVE ME A HUG THAT WAS RIDICULOUS.”  There is something about getting beaten when you were at your best and the other guy was at his best and he’s just that good that it is simply humbling.  I really think it’s impossible not to feel joy at that kind of moment.  I love watching these moments.  It’s probably a big part of why I’m such an Olympics junkie.

In Born to Run, McDougal says, “the reason we race so much isn’t to beat each other but to be with each other.”  This is so true, and I think it leads to true sportsmanship.  When you are one of the best athletes in the world, there are only a few other people who can play at the same level, who can do what you do, and who know what it’s like.  So to get to compete in an event with all of them must be a pretty cool opportunity.  When you cross the finish line, the only people who know how insane what you went through is the other people who crossed behind you.  I keep going back to the women’s road race, when the women all finished and it was just a giant hug fest.  I imagine them saying, “this rain is insane! how do you train in it?” to the British athletes and, “amazing strategy!” to the Dutch riders and “crap timing!” to Shelley Olds, for whom a flat tire pretty much kept her from medaling.  Maybe they were all saying, “Bitch, I hope you die”, but if anyone is that good an athlete and that good an actress, well, it’s just impressive.


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TV Review: Suits

I can’t resist lawyer TV shows.  So last night I asked the husband if we could watch Suits.  Let’s start with the fact that there exist states where people can take the bar exam without going to law school, and that many major firms do not require bar passage in a particular state, so the entire premise of this show is dumb.  Although a bar may not admit somebody who got thrown out of college for cheating, especially because this guy is probably dumb enough to try to lie instead of disclosing.

Secondly, Zoe from Firefly is awesome.

Thirdly, the characters are somewhat likeable.  Except that I’m really annoyed by lawyer TV shows where the lawyer is “unorthodox” and therefore lovable.  Because it implies that there is something wrong with the rest of us.  And there is nothing wrong with the rest of us.  Well, okay, there is a lot wrong with the rest of us, starting with “we went to law school”.  The thing is though, none of us are that orthodox.  Most attorneys aren’t that alike, really.  And a lot of us are scatterbrained, don’t wear suits, or wear really nice suits, are always late, and like to make jokes in open court.  We’re funny, it’s true.  Well, not all of us.

Fourthly, I can’t really speak to corporate life.  Except that I think it’s not like this.

Fifthly, having one senior partner whose a woman and a paralegal who is a woman doesn’t make up for the fact that in the scene with all the lawyer graduates from Harvard, there were only men.

But, as we all know I value in lawyer TV shows, the women wear sleeves.  So I might keep watching.  Has anybody else seen it?

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New TV

When I moved in with the Husband, I stopped watching a lot of my guilty pleasure TV shows.  Gilmore Girls also ended my last year in college, so there’s that.  We already watched How I Met Your Mother and have picked up Bones, Castle, and Chuck (although I’m really behind on Chuck.)  We also picked up 30 Rock, but I fell really behind on that during the campaign, so haven’t watched this season.  Husband watches a bunch of shows on his own, like Fringe and The Event and a few I sometimes watch and say, “so what happened since that last episode we watched?”  (Parenthood and that doctor show with the cute guy Donna dated on the West Wing.)

We started watching Fairly Legal together, which I suspect Husband likes more than I do – because I find the main character to be insufferable and incredibly selfish.  Also unprofessionally dressed.  (They have finally started to put the managing partner in more suits, which makes me very happy.)  She treats all of the people around her like they are disposable and just there to serve her; she is very good at her job but her priorities are extremely out of whack.

We’re also working our way through a couple of Netflix shows – Eureka and the Wire – which are both good, in different ways.  Eureka is more fun; the Wire makes me wonder if Everyone I See is doing a drug deal.

I’ve picked up Parks and Recreation this season, which I absolutely love.  It’s got all the funny of 30 Rock and the Office without the cringe factor.  Husband hasn’t really picked it up, but I like having a TV show I can watch without him, so I don’t encourage that.  I’ve started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix, but it’s kind of been creeping me out when Husband travels, so I’m getting my David Borneaz fix through Bones reruns instead.  I also watch Biggest Loser, which is a total guilty pleasure, and I know the way the players lose weight is unhealthy and most of them won’t sustain it, but I really enjoy it nonetheless.

My other new-ish TV show is Modern Family, which is really very good, and not too hard to get into/follow along with if you miss an episode.  I tried watching Arrested Development on Netflix, but truthfully, I don’t like it.  I feel like I should, since all my friends do, but it’s just a really frustrating show, and none of the characters really have any redeeming qualities.  So I’m looking for some new things to watch when Husband travels, preferably on Netflix, especially while I work out (since Hulu often doesn’t have full seasons.)  Please suggest shows that are funny and not cringe-worthy and feature interesting female characters! I’ve already watched Veronica Mars and BSG.  Also Firefly, but considering I watch Castle, I think that went without saying.


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