Go Further: April Challenge

Can we just discuss that April is nearly over and holy hell, how did that happen?

My goal was to exercise every day in April, which I did.  Having a treadmill at home helps a lot, but it’s also making me a bit lazy, since I just walk on it for 45-minutes.  Having the gym membership hasn’t worked out as well as I had hoped – the gym is too far away to really be useful, but it is frankly, good to know that I will not go to the gym much, even if it is only a 15 minute drive.  This will be very helpful for when I have a real salary and look for a gym or fitness center.

I’m really happy that I picked this goal, because I had stopped exercising in the morning, and this goal forced me to actually do something, anything, in the morning, to get the exercise out of the way so I wasn’t stuck doing pushups at 11pm.  It forced me to get up early on a day where I volunteered at two separate events that went all day and squeeze in my workout.

I still haven’t really lost any weight, but I have maintained my weight, which is great, and now that I’m back in a workout routine, I’m going to keep it up and then go back to tracking what I’m eating and making sure I’m making healthy food choices.  I might even stop eating Easter candy, but no promises.

How did everybody else do?


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One response to “Go Further: April Challenge

  1. I gained weight. Let’s start with that. I’m not really sure what is up with my body, but obviously working out alone no longer works to loose weight (like it has up until this year). I guess I did a number on my body last spring when I binge ate while writing my thesis. I have seriously changed my metabolism.

    So yeah, this month was pretty good in terms of my goal. I did 3 weeks of 4 workouts, only 1 that I only got 3 in.

    I guess now is when I start thinking about changing that goal. Not continuing with just 4 day workout weeks (which I still want to continue), but I need to add something else to make any progress.

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