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Where have I been?

The usual apologies.  March is always really busy.  I’ve had a number of conferences and professional commitments, so less time for blogging and even less for training, it feels.  I’ve switched training plans to a lower intensity one found here and am adjusting my goals for myself.  It has been extremely hard to get out on my bike when it is still so cold, and even though it is finally light later, I am not running after work because I just don’t want to put on my leggings and my long sleeve shirt and go for a run. I know I’m being a baby about the weather, but I’m simply worn out. 

So I’m focusing on my weight training and trying to just not lose fitness levels.  I also spent some time tapering for and recovering from the half marathon I did on March 15th.  The half went pretty well, considering my training – my time was on the slower side for me – 2:15 – but I felt good and strong and didn’t stop to walk and was functional afterwards and for the wedding we went to later that day.  I was sore for a couple of days, so I took it relatively easy and just did the elliptical and eventually a short recovery run.  I haven’t run since the short recovery run though, so I’m hoping to fix that tomorrow. 

I’ve been having trouble getting to spin class because my husband has taken up swimming before work.  He needs the car to swim, and I need it to get to/from spin class (okay, I can bike to spin class, but it takes too long to get home, and mostly it hurts my legs really badly).  I should just start riding to spin, showering there, and then riding straight to work, but I can’t seem to make it happen.  I think that will be my goal for next week.  I need to move a couple more suit jackets to my office, because they are very bulky with riding. 

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