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Training: This Week

I’m still trying to pick a training plan.  The Beginner Tri plan for this month is:

Month 1   

1 24-Swim Off 40-Swim 24-Run 80-Bike Off 40-Run 4h 16m  
48-Bike 256m
2 26-Swim Off 44-Swim 26-Run 88-Bike Off 44-Run 4h 41m +10%
53-Bike 281m
3 29-Swim Off 48-Swim 29-Run 97-Bike Off 48-Run 5h 9m +10%
58-Bike 309m
4 17-Swim Off 29-Swim 17-Run 58-Bike Off 29-Run 3h 5m -40%
35-Bike 185m
Notes Short Swim Off Long Swim Short Run Long Bike Off Long Run    
Short Bike

Grand total:       17h 11m           

So that means for this week, the plan is to do 24 minutes of swim and 48 minutes of Spin on Monday.  Tuesday is a rest day, but I’m planning to still do some cardio – my theory being that a rest day should still involve enough activity that you meet the minimum suggested number of steps, etc. for the day.

Wednesday is 40 minutes of swimming, which is the most swimming I will have done ever.  Thursday is a run day, and Friday is a pretty intense bike day.  Sunday is a 40 minute long run, which is no problem since I’ve been anchoring my husband as he does his 3-5 mile recovery runs as part of marathon training.

The TriNewbies 18-week workout’s first week is as follows:

Mon 750 yds  15 miles  
Tue 750 yds    20 min
Wed   15 miles   
Thur 1000 yds    20 min
Sat     30 min 
Sun   20 miles   

So there is more swimming, and the biggest problem is I have NO IDEA how many “miles” I bike in spin class.  The Spinning website suggests that while very varied, a 40-minute class with a high cadence is the equivalent of a 15-20 mile ride.  So I think I’d be safe in assuming that a 55 minute class is at least 15 miles.

Here is what I think my average week might/should shake out to for right now:

M – spin class in AM, weights in PM
T – swim in AM, run in AM if there is enough time (and I don’t get totally bored running on the indoor track at the gym
W – spin class in AM, weights in PM
Th – swim in AM, run in AM if there is enough time
Fr – hot yoga class
Sa – swimming and spin class/long bike rides once there is less ice on the ground
Su – 3-4 mile run & hockey

And my average week once I’m also half-training:

M – spin class in AM, weights in PM
T – swim in AM, run in PM
W – spin class in AM, possible weights in PM
Th – swim in AM, run in PM
Fr – hot yoga class
Sa – long run
Su – long bike ride & hockey

Moving the runs to the evening will allow for me to do longer swim workouts in the morning, which will make up for dropping the Saturday morning swim.  This will shift as I hopefully sign up for a tri club and maybe somebody will share their preferred training program, and also as I decide whether to join the master’s swim program at the gym.

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New Rules of Lifting

I wanted to offer a quick review of my latest workout – the New Rules of Lifting for Women, which I first read about on Carla’s blog.  When my friend Kelly told me she had just finished the program, I commented I was interested in it because I was interested in strength training more, and I was sick of not always being able to make body pump.  She promptly loaned it to me, and my running buddy S. and I got started on some lifting routines.

The biggest issue has been that our gym has a limited number of squat racks, and can get pretty crowded.  A solution has been to go before work, but it stresses me out on days I have hearings, and we just graduated to phase 2, which has more exercises and takes longer, so we’ve been lifting in the evening.  Which results in having to wait for the squat rack and a bunch of sweaty frat guys saying, “do you have much longer?”

I think the workouts in the book are pretty effective, and I’ve never believed that women shouldn’t lift heavy weights.  I’ve never been concerned about bulking up.  I think the idea that women shouldn’t be badass with cut muscles is bull, and I think that to get become scary muscly, you have to work out like it’s your job. And instead, I actually go to work and do another job, so I don’t really worry.

I think I’ve gotten stronger – swimming, biking, and running are all easier now, on less training.  I’ve noticed some changes in body composition, although my body fat content is apparently higher than it was 6 months ago, even though I’ve lost weight.  So I’m going to keep going, and I’m trying to push the weight more and increase as much as possible.  It’s nice to feel like I’m improving.

Do you lift? Have you tried the new rules?  What do you think?

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