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The Christmas Season

I admitted to my college roommate S. last night that I’m having a hard time getting into the spirit of the season.  She looked at me and said, “I think it’s going around.”  There is something about this year that is difficult.  I don’t know if it’s because the onslaught of buy-buy-buy seemed even more…pressure filled than usual, I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t heard enough good Christmas music and every store insists on playing Santa Baby because that makes me inclined to buy stuff for selfish people, but for some reason, the spirit is lacking this year.  Maybe it’s because we’re all adults and none of us have children to remind us about the magic of the season.

I tried, really hard, to take a step back, to remind myself that rejoicing in the lights and the festive spirit is what this holiday is about for me, but even that isn’t helping.  Assembly of the Disney tree at work (we have a Finding Nemo ornament!) didn’t really help.  The Nosy Bitches exchange has been super fun but I kind of botched my gift and it was sort of frustrating and my person hasn’t gotten their gift yet so I’m still stressing about it not being good enough.

Listening to Christmas Wrapping is helping a little bit.  Our local indie radio station has been playing some really good holiday music, including Deep Blue Something’s Little Drummer Boy and a few others I really liked, so that has been helpful at making me feel holiday-y.

I’m not really sure the answer to my holiday ennui, but I have Finished Shopping.  Anything I forgot to get for anybody, they just aren’t getting.  Anything I need to return is waiting until January.  Between now and The Christmases (it’s five nights/days of celebration), I can spend some time relaxing, going to Solstice Services, wrapping gifts, and making a few last minute handmade things.  Wait, our holiday cards haven’t arrived yet and I need to get them out ASAP?  Wait, my in-laws are coming to stay?  Oh, what’s that you say, we don’t have anything for dinner?  What’s that, I volunteered to make a cheesecake for Christmas?  Sigh.  It’s really hard to get into the Holiday spirit when you have a to-do list a mile long.  Anyone else having trouble?

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Running Music

Carla is doing a giveaway of the Sony Walkman, which looks really cool, and I want to win it, so I’m posting about it over here.  I like to run with music, either outside or at the gym, and but the cord is such a pain when I’m running outside – tucking it away or having it bounce up and down and echo, sometimes my headphones falling out, etc.  So I think this would be pretty cool. 

Carla’s post asked enterers to put down their favorite songs to run to.  My favorite running playlist is actually a CD that came free with my Shape Bikini Body Boot Camp DVD.  The songs flow into each other and the beat is up really high, which I like a lot.  I think it is sold as an individual CD as well, but sadly also out of print. 

A few of my other favorite running songs come from my favorite artists, and are simply their more upbeat songs.  For example:

-Taylor Swift – Picture to Burn; Shoulda Said No; You Belong with Me

-Indigo Girls – Yield; Joking; Hammer and a Nail; Run

-Jill Sobule – Supermodel; Good Person Inside 

And then there are a few that I’ve found and kept as running songs, like Pete Yorn’s Ever Fallen in Love and REM’s Bad Day (both actually found from episodes of Scrubs).  Usually I load up a playlist that has my Shape playlist first, and then the rest of these, to make it long enough for a long run and cooldown walk. 

Any suggestions for me?  What is your favorite music to run to?


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