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Training Plan

So, if I’m going to do an International Distance Tri next year, I need a training plan.  Here are my current steps:

1.) Pick race.  I found a good looking one that is “only” $95 if you include the one day USAT fee.  The date is Sunday, May 18th.  

2.) Join a local tri club. I’m waiting until January 1 to do this, because they do their fees on the calendar year, not a year from when you sign up, so signing up now would be a waste of money.  I have two local tri clubs and I’m trying to decide between them.  The biggest factor is that the bigger, more active, and slightly more conveniently located one does their swims at a park that has jellyfish, and I don’t want to.  

3.) Find a training plan or app.  There are some good free ones out there, but some of the the better looking apps and plans charge. I’m also looking for a plan that allows me to also train for a half-marathon and strength train at the same time. I do not believe these goals are mutually exclusive and I do not believe that I am the only person to try this.

4.) Get a base level of fitness where I can make it through a 6 mile run without my legs feeling tired, through an entire spin class without choking on my lungs, and swim…some distance. Swimming distances confuse me. I think being able to swim about 1000 yards is a good base level for this.

5.) Join a masters swim class. There is one on Saturday mornings I might get up the courage to go to.

What else have I forgotten? Obviously, actually start training, but with a 12 week program, intense training won’t happen until the beginning of March.

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