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Watch me go

I swam a mile tonight! If not a full mile, I may have been 50 yards shy of it, I can’t remember how many laps I did to warm up.  Anyway, I did 1500 (the race distance)  and barely stopped, which is awesome.  My goal is to be able to swim 1500 in less than however long it took tonight, which may have been around 45 minutes, and also to be able to swim twice the distance of the race, which is 3000 yards. 

This was only my sixth swim of the year, so to be able to get up to swimming almost a mile in this short a period of time is, I feel, very impressive, at least for me, because that took me several weeks one summer the first time I really started swimming again, and I’m not a particularly natural swimmer and I wasn’t on the swim team growing up so I don’t really know how to “train” per se except to increase the amount of laps I am swimming. 

Anyway, increasing the amount of laps I am swimming requires me to be able to count the number of laps I am swimming, which I am terrible at.  So tonight, I wore an old C9 by Champion Target watch that my husband and I picked up in Hawaii because we forgot to bring either of our dive watches.  I can’t quite figure out how to make the watch work, and also, I have bird wrists and I wear it on it’s smallest setting and it’s uncomfortable.  So I’ve decided my prize for sticking with swimming will be that I will soon purchase myself a new watch for swimming.  I think probably if I keep up swimming 2x a week until the end of January (February if I can figure out how to get the one I used tonight to actually work). 

So what am I looking for in a watch? I want it to be stylish enough I can wear it to work as well, and I want it to have a lap count feature. This one by Target is probably the cheapest option, especially at 40% off.  Although it is only water-resistant, rather than being labeled as waterproof, and it’s also really not terribly attractive. 

I used to have a Freestyle dive watch that was really nice looking, so I checked them out. I love the aesthetics of this bad boy (and if you were wondering why I am not putting photos in this post, it’s because WordPress’ quick post feature sucks and doesn’t have a photo-with-URL option).  However, it only has a 10 lap memory, which defeats the purpose of using it to count laps.  This one is really pretty and at least has a 30-lap memory and is around my price limit.  This one is at least 30 laps, because the display shows 36 laps.  It also comes in a nice burgundy color on Amazon which specifies that it does count 50 laps.  I could get away with wearing that one to work since I seem to have recently decided I don’t care what people think.  

Does anyone have a swim watch they like?  Or do you know how to use the lap feature on a manual-less C9 watch?


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