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Unexpected Setbacks

Last Monday, on my way to court, I got rear ended. I’m fine, I went to the doctor and everything, but the accident was hard enough to cause wiplash and the doc recommended I take a week off of exercise.  I still stayed active, but I wasn’t able to get my SBR schedule from last week in. 

I have to make a decision by April 18th whether to do the race or not.  There is a $20 cost to deferring but that puts the race off until next year and I’m worried about committing to all of this training again.  I think I would probably rather risk not finishing the race in the time allotted and/or possibly having to DNF the open water swim, and hope that I’m able to pull it together and finish.  Fortunately, I anticipated the unexpected and worked hard to build up my base.  Now I have to work hard to make brick workouts happen and regular swimming on weeknights.  My husband is biking to work again, which means that I can swim before work on days I need to drive, but I think I simply need to start committing more evening time to my training. 

This morning I ran a 5k, which was two miles away.  I ran there and the race, and got a ride home with a friend, but her car was a mile away, so I did 5 miles and I am feeling generally good about the run, so I think instead of focusing on being able to run the whole 6 miles, I’m going to work on my brick workouts.  This means doing 1-2 miles on the treadmill after spin, which will be exhausting but I think will pay off in 5 weeks. 

I keep reminding myself that my friend K. barely trained at all for his olympic distance and half iron distance tris, and still survived, so since I don’t have a time goal in mind, I should be able to survive as well.  I have been having some knee problems, but I’m hoping a good tape job can help with that.  The thing I can’t keep putting off is getting back out on my road bike, which I’ve been avoiding until the spring and until my husband could ride again because I don’t like to ride it alone.  I know the more I ride it, the more comfortable I am on it, so with you all as my witness, I am committing to riding it at least once a week for the next five weeks.

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