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A lot of people ask me how I get up in the morning and exercise.  The truth is, frankly, sometimes I don’t.  But the key factor is to have a bedtime.  Technically, our bedtime has been 10:15 since my first year of law school.  When I was a 2L and we had cable, it was usually 11:30, after the Daily Show, but one of the reasons I’m not sad about dropping cable again is that we have no excuse to stay up late.  At one point recently we tried timing our router to turn off at 10pm because it generally forced us to go to bed, but once we got smartphones that became kind of useless. 

Lately, it had seemed that our bedtime had been suffering – we kept going to bed at 11 or 11:30, but were still trying to get up at 5:30 to exercise.  I finally suggested to my husband a new rule to try to get to bed on time, which is that we do not start a TV show after 9pm.  If we start an hour long show after 9, it inevitably leads to an 11pm bedtime.  If we start a half hour long show after 9, sometimes we go to bed on time and sometimes we start watching a second half-hour show. 

I also don’t feel silly about going to bed early.  If I get into bed at 9:45, I get to read.  So I’ve been reading more, sleeping more, exercising more, and the only thing that is suffering is my TV viewing, which I’m okay with.  If it ever gets really bad, I’ll subscribe to Hulu+ so I can catch up on my iPad at the gym. Since it’s midseason, we aren’t even behind on anything, and with marathon/triathlon training, we aren’t really doing much going out on Friday or Saturday nights, so we have time to catch up then. 

The other really big factor for getting up in the morning is to not sleep in on the weekends.  I’m not much of a sleeper-inner anyway, but getting up at 6am on Saturdays for husband’s long runs and my long workouts has really helped to stabilize our sleep and makes it easier to get up for Monday morning spin class.  I still sometimes sleep as late as 8am on Sundays, but in an effort to lose weight, marathon train, and get to bed on time, we haven’t been staying out late lately (last Friday’s ER visit being a hopefully rare occurrence), so we’ve actually been going to bed before 11 on the weekends.  I’m trying not to pressure myself to stay up late just because I don’t have to go to bed. 

The next part of the better sleep and get up and work out plan is to actually stop browsing my phone before bed and as soon as I wake up.  I might try putting it in another room to charge, but I might also just try setting a rule about how late I can stay up and browse on my phone.  I know a lot of my readers deal with the issue as well, so anyone have any suggestions or things that work? 

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