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Spin Class

Yesterday, I was getting into bed around 10pm, lamenting that my gym only offers spin at two times – 6am and 6pm. 6am is just a shade too early. 6:30 would mean I could get up at 6, head to the gym, shower there, and then make my way into work by 8:30.  But 6 means that I’m left with a bit of an awkward time spot.  Yes, I could run for a half-hour after spin class, which is my plan for when I’m in more serious tri-training mode, but when I work out that much before work I’m hungry and tired all day.  6pm means that I’m home for dinner at 7:15ish.  For somebody who technically works until 4:30, 5:30 is a much better time slot because I’m home by 7 and if dinner was a crockpot meal, I have eaten dinner by 7:05.  I briefly debated changing gyms if necessary to a gym with a better timed spin class, and decided I would just go on the elliptical like I’ve been doing.  

Then, this morning, I woke up at 5:15.  Without an alarm.  Feeling very awake.  So I registered for spin class (the Tuesday class is super full), got dressed, grabbed my shoes, and headed out.  By 7:10, I remembered simultaneously why I love and hate spin class.  You know how sometimes you work out so hard you feel like you are going to choke on your lungs?  Well, that is how I feel during spin.  At the same time, with my legs moving and blood pumping, I felt really good, really strong, really powerful.  I tried to channel how I felt during my summer tris last year and I visualized how it would feel to do an International distance race next summer.  

My reasons for wanting to return to spin class are several-fold.  Firstly, I want to do an International distance tri and a century bike ride in the next year.  Secondly, my cardio endurance has been really suffering lately and spin helps with that a lot.  Thirdly, we are off to Curacao at the end of December for some scuba diving and regular spinning makes a huge difference in how easy it is to do a long surface swim or fight a current.  Fourthly, it was my new year’s resolution to go back to spin class, which I have done exactly once this year and while technically that counts, I know that’s not what I meant.  

I’m going to try to commit to going twice a week.  We will see how it goes.  

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