Commuting by foot and pedal

I usually walk to work.  One day last week, I felt really lazy and was also concerned about blisters (my Eccos are taking a long time to break in) so I took the bus.  And on Friday, I was rushing from a job interview to a client meeting, so I grabbed my bike and rode to work.  Walking to work and biking to work present a series of different challenges, so I’m going to take the opportunity to talk about them.

Walking to Work:

The biggest hazards of walking to work are blisters and getting rocks in my shoes.  I walk through a number of construction sites, which all involve opportunities to get small pebbles or other things in my shoes, which I then have to stop and shake out.  Blisters are a major problem for me, resulting in not wearing certain pairs of shoes to work.  So I wear either my old-lady shoes (which I have been assured by several people are not as bad as I think they are), or a pair of sneakers or my crocs flats or my rain boots, and then when I get to work, I change into a pair of Naturalizers I keep under my desk.  I decided on the first day of work that I would simply keep one pair of shoes at work, and then I could avoid having to bring a pair with me.  I don’t like the Naturalizers much and I can’t walk a mile in them, but they are perfectly comfortable for small amounts of walking, so they are good work shoes.  They have a slightly pointy toe and a one-inch heel, so they are the perfect shoes for keeping at my desk – they go with everything and all my pants work with the height of the heel.

I couldn’t find them online, but they are a little like these – but with a slightly more pointed toe and a buckle and no patent leather.  Really, the heel height is the only similar thing, and mine have chunkier heels.

Vanelli ShoesI refuse to wear a skirt with sneakers as I walk to work, so I wear my croc flats instead.  Sometimes the plastic gets irritating, but they are relatively decent shoes for the purpose of walking to work in them.

Other challenges include the heat.  It hit the 80s this week, and I found that walking to work in stockings is uncomfortable; as is walking to work wearing a jacket.  I brought one blazer to work which I’m now keeping at my
office, and will wear dress pants and t-shirts and then add the blazer.  Sadly, the blazer is definitely not a great one and I am looking to replace it, but the Porros are definitely tight financially these days, and I potentially only have this job for another month.

Biking to Work:

The biggest challenge of biking to work is wearing dress clothes.  I only have to ride a mile to work, and I really can’t come into the Courthouse wearing shorts and sandals and a t-shirt and change.  All of my work skirts are pencil skirts, which are really hard to wear on a bike.  So I need professional attire that won’t get caught in the chain and isn’t too sweat-inducing.  I have one capri-and-short-sleeved jacket suit, which works okay, but I can’t wear that more than once a week.  I think if I keep my job through the summer, I’ll be adding some trim, stylish, work pants to my wardrobe that can be worn on a bike.
Limited Drew Pants

And then the question is just shoes.  Since I need new summer sandals anyway, and want a pair that will be good for Wales, I’m going to get a pair of black keens and just change my shoes when I get into the office, or wear black flats.

The other challenge of biking to work is how to carry my briefcase.  For now, I’m clipping a shoulder strap from a gym bag to my briefcase, but I think eventually I’ll be in the market for something that might have a built in shoulder strap, something more like this, or a more feminine thing like this one.  But for now, I’m keeping this one because my grandma gave it to me and told me how proud she was of me.  So…yeah.


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