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Makeup Follow Up

My makeup post got some really great comments, so I ventured off to Ulta to check out what they had.  I love Ulta – not only is their staff helpful, and their rewards decent, but they stock expensive makeup and super-cheap stuff, and the staff is totally honest with you about how you could buy the cheaper brand, and they will recommend stuff based on a budget and not treat you poorly because you are eyeing the Cover Girl products.  Plus, their own Ulta line of products is consistently good, and reasonably priced.

I’ve been using the Ulta Minerals collection for awhile – I’ve gone through two of their starter kits, which include foundation, blush, a brush, and finishing powder.  I’ve started using silicone spheres instead of finishing powder recently, and I still have blush left from the last starter kit, so I just wanted foundation.  It gives really nice coverage, lasts awhile, and is reasonable-ish. ($14 for a pot of foundation.)  Which took awhile to find – apparently it’s now with all the rest of the Ulta products, instead of in the Minerals section.  The good thing was that they were having a buy-one-get-one-free sale, so I could get not only my foundation, but the nearby tinted moisturizer, which I thought might be a good alternative.  I also picked up a white eyeliner pencil, as recommended by my friend Erin, who always looks like a knockout, and then I moved to the lip products.

I was struggling to decide on a lip product, because I’m terrible with both longevity and color, so I pretty much begged the salesgirl for help.  Ulta has a line of tinted lip balm which is kind of awesome, and basically exactly what I’m looking for in a lipstick – something that my lips wear, not my teeth, and I can put it on without a mirror.  I picked the bloom shade, and then was asking about stains.  The salesgirl told me her favorite stains were the Revlon stains (which I have one of, and they are great), but that they go on pretty dark, or they get dark really easily.  So she recommended their long wear lipstick (which I like, but it gets waxy), and then she pointed me in the direction of the NYX tinted lip balm, pointing out to me that at $3 apiece, I could buy a lot more of it than any other stuff.

I’ve worn the mineral makeup two days this week, the tinted moisturizer one day, and the NYX lip balm all four days.  I stashed the moisturizer in my work purse, for days when I don’t have time to do makeup on my way out, and am keeping the foundation at home for mornings when I have an extra 2 minutes.  I’m pretty happy with the moisturizer – it’s light coverage, but it’s good enough to look polished, plus I don’t really need blush with it.  I am madly in love with the tinted lip balm.  It’s pretty neutral, but gives me that slightly more polished look.  It isn’t sticky, it doesn’t leave a mark, and it lasts surprisingly well.  I don’t have to worry at all when I put it on that I might miss my lip line or something, and it doesn’t get on my teeth.  I will definitely be stocking up on this in the future.

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