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Marathons & Halfs

My husband just registered for his very first marathon!  I also went ahead and signed up for my seventh(?) half marathon.  Which is a full six weeks before the half I was planning to do, so this is going to complicate my training schedule a bit more, but will mean that after the race is over, I still have 8 weeks to go before my tri, and can back off my long distance running and focus more on the bike and swim.  However, an accelerated training schedule means potential injury, so I have to be careful.  

In the next seven weeks, I plan to follow Hal Higdon’s basic program in a way that makes sense with my tri training, so my swim-run days can still be Tuesday and my Wednesdays cross training can still be a cycle day.  My weekend cross training will work well with swimming or cycling on Saturdays or Sundays, plus I still play hockey.  I usually train up to 11 miles before a half, so I’m planning on doing that now as well.  Right now I can already run 5 miles, so I’m planning to start at Week 5 of the 12 week program, which gives me exactly 7 weeks.  I’m hoping to build in speed work, but this is probably not the race to worry about getting a PR.  


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