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When I moved in with the Husband, I stopped watching a lot of my guilty pleasure TV shows.  Gilmore Girls also ended my last year in college, so there’s that.  We already watched How I Met Your Mother and have picked up Bones, Castle, and Chuck (although I’m really behind on Chuck.)  We also picked up 30 Rock, but I fell really behind on that during the campaign, so haven’t watched this season.  Husband watches a bunch of shows on his own, like Fringe and The Event and a few I sometimes watch and say, “so what happened since that last episode we watched?”  (Parenthood and that doctor show with the cute guy Donna dated on the West Wing.)

We started watching Fairly Legal together, which I suspect Husband likes more than I do – because I find the main character to be insufferable and incredibly selfish.  Also unprofessionally dressed.  (They have finally started to put the managing partner in more suits, which makes me very happy.)  She treats all of the people around her like they are disposable and just there to serve her; she is very good at her job but her priorities are extremely out of whack.

We’re also working our way through a couple of Netflix shows – Eureka and the Wire – which are both good, in different ways.  Eureka is more fun; the Wire makes me wonder if Everyone I See is doing a drug deal.

I’ve picked up Parks and Recreation this season, which I absolutely love.  It’s got all the funny of 30 Rock and the Office without the cringe factor.  Husband hasn’t really picked it up, but I like having a TV show I can watch without him, so I don’t encourage that.  I’ve started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix, but it’s kind of been creeping me out when Husband travels, so I’m getting my David Borneaz fix through Bones reruns instead.  I also watch Biggest Loser, which is a total guilty pleasure, and I know the way the players lose weight is unhealthy and most of them won’t sustain it, but I really enjoy it nonetheless.

My other new-ish TV show is Modern Family, which is really very good, and not too hard to get into/follow along with if you miss an episode.  I tried watching Arrested Development on Netflix, but truthfully, I don’t like it.  I feel like I should, since all my friends do, but it’s just a really frustrating show, and none of the characters really have any redeeming qualities.  So I’m looking for some new things to watch when Husband travels, preferably on Netflix, especially while I work out (since Hulu often doesn’t have full seasons.)  Please suggest shows that are funny and not cringe-worthy and feature interesting female characters! I’ve already watched Veronica Mars and BSG.  Also Firefly, but considering I watch Castle, I think that went without saying.


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6 responses to “New TV

  1. It was only on for 2 seasons, but I love Pushing Daisies!

  2. Jo

    I got into Brothers and Sisters. I’m also watching The Cosby Show reruns. So happy-making!

    I have a ton more that I love, if you ever need suggestions email me.

    Oh! If you like sci-fi, I am really enjoying Stargate Universe. (We exclusively watch Netflix.)

  3. I really enjoy Modern Family and 30 Rock right now; both are consistently funny (IMHO) and fresh–they always surprise me in some way. I keep worrying they’re going to “jump the shark.”

    I’m a huge fan of Arrested Development, so I’m not sure you’d be keen on my other recommendations. 😉 Though I will say it took me several episodes to get into it (same with MF and 30R), and it’s definitely not everyone’s idea of funny. We also watch United States of Tara, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and The Venture Bros. — but they’re all pretty… off-kilter? Oh, and The **British** Office (I don’t like the US version) and Ricky Gervais’ Extras (both only 2 seasons total).

    I’ve heard good things about The Wire, Mad Men, and Dexter, but not exactly feel-good, upbeat stuff. Always intrigues me why people like what they like and why that sometimes changes (e.g. I hate Gossip Girl, used to like SatC but find the puns kind of grating now, and love Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution but not American Idol).

    • vadoporroesq

      I’ve seen United States of Tara, but we don’t get HBO, so I have only seen the pilot. Found Always Sunny to be too similar to Arrested Development in terms of humor, I think. I loved SaTC, but actually can’t really stand to watch it now – I think I outgrew it, and I find the idea of an adult woman who spends that much money on shoes to be downright offensive.

  4. Unfortunately I can’t think of any good suggestions, but I had to squee over our shared Parks & Recreation love!! Leslie Knope is my hero.

  5. Wait, I thought of one! Have you watched Alias? Seasons 1 and 2 in particular are awesome.

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