We picked up our CSA share yesterday, so summer hath officially begun.  Then we went and played in a baby pool at my sister’s house and went to the playground and hung out in the alley between our houses with our next door neighbors. (A couple with twins our daughter’s age moved in earlier this year and it’s been really great.)

I have harshed on summer in the past, because summer running is the worst. But summer workouts? At 7:30 with the light still going? Outdoor swimming? (Yes, the pool is finally open 7 days a week!) 9am free Barre workouts on the waterfront? Yes. Please.

I often feel like my seasonal affective disorder, which is self-diagnosed, is a bit of melodrama on my part. And then summer shows up and I’m like, “YES LET US DO ALL OF THE THINGS LIFE IS WORTH LIVING THERE IS A REASON TO GET UP IN THE MORNING.”

I’ve been trying to put together a summer to do list, a goal list. But I just keep landing on:

  1. Enjoy every minute.

Anyone else?



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