Right about now is when everyone is talking about how their resolve with the start of the year is starting to slip.

I am here, with my boot, waiting to head to the orthopedist so she can tell me if I need another 5 weeks with this thing or if the original estimate of “two weeks” is accurate.

Every time I’ve had an estimate of “two weeks” with an injury, it has turned into six weeks.  Tendonitis? Ibuprofen for 2 weeks turned into cortisol injections and six to eight weeks off.  Sprained finger? Turned out to be broken and turned into 6 weeks off.  So I’m prepared for six weeks off.  I’m not in a rush to rupture my tendon, so I’m taking it as easy as possible, but it’s making my weight loss goals hard, because getting up to get refrigerated snacks is hard, cooking is hard, not eating All The Carbs is hard.

My “spend more weekends at home” goal is being met, because I had to cancel a trip to Florida and I can’t drive so this weekend my sister and her family are coming to me and we are going to the science museum.

My work-life balance goals though, are having a hard time.  I’ve been getting a ride to work with a coworker, which means I’m on her schedule, not mine.  I’m incredibly grateful that she’s been willing to drive me and I also like the company, but I had gotten into a pretty good rhythm at the beginning of the year and this isn’t it.

Setbacks in the form of illness, and injury are pretty common.  I feel nonetheless poorly equipped to deal with them.  I know that it is valid to be disappointed to be missing my trip this weekend, it is valid to be disappointed that I’m not doing Body Back right now, and that I’m not working towards my goals.  Reframing is hard work and I’m not yet in a place where I’m ready to reframe it as “I’m going to be healthy in 2016, avoid infection, and let my wound heal properly!”  Obviously that is my goal.  But it’s still hard to let go of other goals in the pursuit of something totally different.




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