30 by 30 – Did I make it?

I turned 30 yesterday.  And no, I didn’t check everything off my list.  And I’m going to keep my list going.  It’s not going to grow to be a 40 by 40, I don’t think, although the idea of having another 10 years to reach a number of goals is nice, truthfully, I don’t know where I’ll be when I’m forty, but I certainly will not want to feel the judgment of 30 year old me telling myself that I have to do x, y, z.  I think I’m going to rework this list into a 30 by 35 list, and some of these goals are coming off.  Because while “visit Austrailia” is on there, it’s actually not my goal to get there by 35, since my daughter won’t be old enough to appreciate it, and if I’m shelling out the cash to take her to Australia, she needs to remember it.  Also, my priorities have shifted.  So while I still want to try boxing, I’m not as keen on trying CrossFit.  I won’t turn down the opportunity, but truthfully, the lifestyle isn’t going to work with my current lifestyle, so I’m not sure I want to bother trying it.  I do still want to do a century bike ride.  I still want to go on an overnight train trip with my husband, but we need a sitter or we need an older kiddo.

  1. Run a marathon (done)
  2. Do a century bike ride
  3. Do an Olympic distance triathlon (done!)
  4. Make my own cheese (done)
  5. Make my own yogurt (done)
  6. Go back to Egypt
  7. Do a trail race (done)
  8. Pace my friend E. on one of her Ultramarathons (done! twice!)
  9. Go diving in the pacific ocean (done)
  10. Take an overnight train trip with my husband
  11. Put a backsplash up in the kitchen (done!)
  12. Grow vegetables (done and delicious!)
  13. Go on a racecation (race + vacation)
  14. Volunteer at the nature center where we got married
  15. Try CrossFit
  16. Take a boxing class
  17. Take a photography class (done)
  18. Take baked goods to the new neighbors (done)
  19. Go to Australia
  20. Do a bike tour of Niagra wineries (we will be doing this as my 30th birthday trip but it will be in August so the baby is old enough for a bike)
  21. Do a beer tour somewhere new (done)
  22. See a Broadway play
  23. Run a half-marathon in under 2 hours
  24. Learn Spanish (I have made progress towards this goal, I’m not sure how I define “learn”.)
  25. Score the winning goal in a hockey game (done!)
  26. Earn a salary and have health insurance.(done!)
  27. Grow my hair out and donate it (done December 2014)
  28. Have a baby. (done October 29, 2014.)

In the end, I’m 9 goals short.  Which is not so bad.  And truthfully, everything that is on this list is things I’m really glad I’ve done, and I’m also really happy I sat down and made this list five years ago (really, in five years I couldn’t take a boxing class? jeez, self.) It has helped keep me focused and motivated.  It has helped keep me from feeling sad about turning 30, and instead thinking about all of the great things I got to do in the last decade and all the awesome things that await me in the next one.


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