With a newborn, things are lacking in routine. Sometimes the baby naps for two hours. Sometimes she just wants to play. My return to work is also lacking in routine. My hours are flexible so sometimes I’m in at 8 and sometimes I’m in at 10. So while it would be nice to still be on maternity leave and just starting to think about going back, which is where I would be if I hadn’t changed jobs, the past month has been a haze of figuring out childcare, trying to work out a bedtime routine, and still trying to do all the other household stuff.

So I’m starting to crave some kind of routine. Daycare starts soon, which will force that. I’ll be back at work full time soon. I’ll be scheduling court hearings and going to meetings, so while things are never truly routine with my job, but we can hope. Eventually, regular hours means I will have a better routine with pumping, etc. regular daycare drop off means baby gets up at the same time, which will eventually result in a regular bedtime. Maybe, once all of these things are figured out, I can exercise regularly.


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