Lawyering while Mom

Friday, a day a quick 9am hearing I offered to accompany my coworker on turned into an all day hearing. We were at court until 2:30. This was problematic for two reasons. My baby was at home with my parents and I was supposed to be back at 1pm, and I needed to pump.

I recently bought a manual pump for middle of the night and on the go situations. Since it was my second day back, and I was going to pump before and after court, I didn’t want to figure out lugging my electric pump and pumping in the car or at the courthouse. Since it was a morning hearing, I only brought one 5oz bottle.

And so, at lunch, I went into the bathroom and pumped 5 ounces. I could have pumped more but I didn’t have bottles. I could have pumped more but my hand and feet hurt. I was poorly prepared and am trying to figure out my lessons learned.

I think it’s best to assume all hearings could go a full day. It’s best to know beforehand where you can pump in the courthouse. It’s best to always have a spare bottle and your lunch. A spare blanket or cover in case you have to pump in the parking lot. A burp cloth just in case.

Any other tips, tricks, or thoughts?


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