New Normal

So with gestational diabetes, breakfast is the most important and hardest meal of the day.  Throughout my whole second trimester, I craved cereal for breakfast.  I generally ate healthy-ish cereals, but with gestational diabetes, they are immediately off the menu.  Breakfast must be extremely high in proteins, and contain less than 30g of carbs. I’ve found one cereal with less than 30g of carbs, and I tried drinking it with almond milk, and my blood sugar spiked more than 70 points or units or whatevers above where it should be.  So, no cereal.  I’ve been eating an Arnold Sandwich Thin with egg and cheese or almond butter and a tiny bit of jam for breakfast, but my numbers can still spike pretty easily this early in the morning.  Exercise brings blood sugar numbers down though, so I need to exercise after eating to keep everything under control.  Except that I leave for work around 7 and I was getting up around 6 and eating around 6:30.  So I had to adjust, and my new normal is I get up at 5:30, I eat by 6am, then I exercise and then I test my blood sugar around 7.

What kind of exercise am I doing at 36 weeks pregnant? I have almost no stamina anymore, so I alternate between a couple of at home videos, going to the gym to use the elliptical or treadmill, and taking walks.  I’m using Suzanne Bowen’s Prenatal Barre workout, which I really like.  I do one twenty minute segment unless I have time for more.  I also use the original 10 Minute Solution video because the yoga workout on it is very pregnancy-friendly.  I have a prenatal yoga DVD my sister loaned me but it’s not very good.  It’s now pitch black in the mornings and after I get home at night, so walking outside is less of an option, but it’s totally common for folks at my office to go on group walks around the parking lot at work, so I can do that without seeming weird.  A group of my friends is doing a daily mile challenge, that is walking a mile a day, which I eagerly joined in because it is helping motivate me to actually walk a mile a day.  I’m trying not to beat myself up for not doing more, but it’s really hard.  I remind myself that even pregnant, I’m still lapping an awful lot of non-pregnant folks who are on the couch.

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  1. feeny

    Whenever I’m underwhelmed by a workout I’ve done my mantra is “It wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t a nap”. Every second you are out moving is a second you are doing something for your mental/physical health!!

    Also, yikes gestational diabetes!! That is something completely foreign to me.

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