Some Support

I had a question about my support belt, so I wanted to talk about it.  I have this one from Motherhood Maternity and I like it a lot.  I got this one and I do not like it at all.  

So, the one that I like – it’s pretty adjustable, and it offers good back support, and mostly it helps keep my stomach in place while I’m running or walking long distances.  It’s also good for things where I will be standing for long periods of time and would eventually start to have back or hip pain.  I wear it over the full panel on my shorts, or over the unfolded fold-over waistband on my running shorts.  

I walked to work without it on Friday and I decided that I’m never doing that again – by the end of my walk, my back hurt as well as my hips and my stomach itself, just from everything working to support the extra 15lbs I am carrying on my stomach.  

It’s not prefect – the velcro is sort of peeling up in some places, and it is pretty thick, so you can see it under my thin work dresses.  It also sometimes makes it worse when you already have to go to the bathroom, and it’s helping compress your bladder.  But it’s fine under workout gear or under my casual clothes.  However, it does help a lot and I can say that running without it is impossible.  It does not really help when I ride my bike though – it doesn’t hurt, but it doesn’t lift my belly up enough that it’s not resting on my knees while I ride or anything.  

I am a S/M, and I got a medium because I tried them on in the store and the medium was a better fit.  I have wider hips and am carrying low, so I think that is why a medium works better. I started wearing it around 22/23 weeks.  I do not wear it every day, since I don’t wear it for work, but I’ll put it on when I go to the gym or get home.  

I may eventually try, if I need more support at work, the spanx support shapers, but I’ve been doing okay in the office lately.

I think that maternity activewear is slowly but steadily improving, so I’m optimistic that they might start coming out with more support belts that are made for physical activity, because I do have to wash it if I wear it for a long workout and it gets dirty.  


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