SBR at 25 Weeks

This morning, I took myself out to a tri club meetup for a little SBR (swim, bike, run) action.  I’ve been trying to figure out what to wear for my upcoming triathlon – I have a sprint distance race on August 10th – and the maternity tri gear options are pretty sparse.  So, I donned my Old Navy Active shorts and a Moving Comfort sports bra and a tank top and my trusty maternity support belt and headed out to the state park to do a test drive.  

Tri club members are awesome, and a few people commented on my pregnancy but none of them in a judgmental way.  I was doing a really short swim compared to everybody else, and I had my hybrid bike, and I was doing a two-minute-walk-one-minute-run program.  People checked in to see how I was doing, not in a helicoptering way, and nobody tried to baby me.  As with everything, your mileage may vary, but I had a good time.  

I was really pleased with how the swim went, because I hadn’t been open-water swimming since the Maritime tri.  My next race has a pool swim and you are allowed to rest on the walls if you need to (I hope to avoid this), so I wasn’t feeling too pressured today but I figured I would go and see how it went.  I got really thirsty during the swim so I only went 400 yards, but I had zero panic issues with the water and the temperature was good, which definitely helped a lot.  I was able to put my face in the water and start swimming right away, even though there was no visibility, and I had some trouble sighting (my goggles have been fogging up badly lately).  So, I feel pretty confident that practice is what helps the most with feeling comfortable in open water, since I think that is definitely what has made the biggest difference for me this year.  

I mostly felt good, except on the bike course I had some definite saddle discomfort and around the end of the 7-8 mile stretch, the baby settled into my bladder in an unpleasant way. I’ve also been getting Braxton-Hicks contractions and I started noticing some of those on my run.  They were uncomfortable but they pass pretty quickly and I tried to just take them as  a sign to keep drinking water and make sure I was adhering to my walk intervals.  My legs, as usual, felt like lead as soon as I got off my bike, even with a fairly long transition time, but I was able to shake that off after 5 minutes of run-walking.  

My outfit worked out okay, but the shorts are a higher cotton content than I would like, so they did not dry at all on the bike or run portion – I didn’t have any major chafing issues, they just weren’t super pleasant.  I’m on the hunt for a synthetic pair of shorts with a low-rise or foldover waistband that are at least 5-7″ long.  I think I’m going to take a stab at adding a chamois to them myself, and I already have elastic grip tape, so hopefully I can find something that’ll work better than what I have currently.  I have significantly less waist than most people, so sizing up in shorts or stealing a pair from my husband is probably not going to work for me, since there isn’t enough room below the belly for a waistband to rest comfortably.  


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  1. feeny

    I would love to hear more about the maternity belt and how/what it helps!!

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