Brick (and spring!)

Last Sunday, I did my first brick workout.  We did a 20 mile bike ride, and I followed it up with 2.5 miles of running.  I was surprised and pleased at how easy a time I had with both of those, as well as my transition.  We finished the bike ride in under two hours, including a break for snacks, so I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to make it through that portion of the race and hopefully the run.  My legs felt pretty good on the run.

Monday I did a full mile swim.  I’m a bit concerned because I keep needing water during the swim, but the internet suggests that during the race itself, I might be okay. The internet does not suggest a way to rig one’s wetsuit to hold a camelbak.  I’m also still working on my foot cramp issues.  I think I need to potentially up my calcium, salt, and/or potassium intake to try to combat this issue, but I’m also getting better at stretching out my foot while I am swimming and managing with the pain.

Tuesday, I went to a tri club meeting for the start of the season.  Then it snowed.  And I felt discouraged again and I let it affect my workout for the rest of the week.  I really need to get out of this funk, and I wouldn’t mind not feeling so tired either.

On Saturday, we went up to my inlaws house and I did a 14 mile bike ride and then did a 6.2 mile run.  The bike ride felt awesome – I was averaging 18mph while I was on the road! Then once I hit the trail, I slowed down because it curved a lot and there were pedestrians, but I was able to keep it above 15mph for a lot of the rest of the ride.  Things went way downhill on the run though – I need to hydrate better and eat more on the bike. I know most triathletes eat a lot on the bike leg, but I have a lot of trouble balancing on my bike with only one hand, so that makes me nervous.  Next weekend, I’m going to try nuun in my camelbak and force myself to maybe drink water every mile or two miles. I think I’m going to try to do a full International brick – a 24 mile ride and then the 10k run.

The really good news is how comfortable I’m feeling on my road bike. I clipped in on Saturday and didn’t fall over at all.  I feel much more confident and balanced, although my husband is joking that we need to do donuts so I can practice my turns.  It’s really not a joke, I’m terrible at turning – I’m a total chicken.  If a turn is too sharp, I get off my bike and walk it.  So, we’ll be working on it.  I also am not having any real trouble with the bike-to-run transition – my legs don’t feel like jelly going into the run, even if I really pushed myself on the bike.  I’m just having overall stamina issues, so I’m spending the next three weeks (eeek) working on those, because if I’m as tired as I was on Saturday + a mile swim, there is no way I’ll finish in the 4hr time limit.


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