I am a person who usually likes change.  So this morning, when I went to spin class, I saw that the new Keiser stationary bikes had arrived and was pretty excited.

I knew we were getting computerized bicycles and that the wheel would be on the back.  There are a few things about the bikes that are neat, like the mechanism for raising/lowering the seat is really quiet and smooth and super customizable, and the computerized display features a clock, RPM, and mileage, as well as watts and something else – maybe calories per hour? I stopped caring how many calories I burned during a workout a while ago, so I was okay with not having a calorie counter on there.

There were some new frustrations too though – the tension switch is incredibly sensitive to touch, so adding gear is a fine tuned flick of the finger instead of a sweaty, grunting twist of the knob.  The seat is also really uncomfortable, and I made a poor sartorial choice with regards to my shorts, so I had some severe discomfort. The pedals were incredibly uncomfortable to wear with regular sneakers, because I forgot my spin shoes.

The computer had it’s advantages and disadvantages. I didn’t like having a clock on there, because I felt like I was constantly watching it.  The RPMs is really nice, because you can tell whether you are keeping your pace up like you are supposed to be.  The distance calculator is nice, because I feel like I’m doing more training when I know how far I went.

I’m hoping that I can get used to these new bikes and that I can keep my act up to go to class.  I checked in this morning and it reminded me that it had been 37 days since my last checkin!  That is a long time to have been slacking for, even though I have been cycling at the gym or outside a few times a week.  Once it warms up (maybe next week?) I’m hoping to do class once a week and a long outside ride once a week.



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  1. We have those bikes at my gym. I prefer them to the spin style bikes. The screen also has a power calculation. It is not very accurate, but you can use it to measure your effort.

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