Fail Week

This week may be the first week I can’t meet my two swims.  The gym is closed today due to the snow, and our car is under a foot and a half of snow.  So, no swimming.  Hopefully they will reopen tomorrow so that I can get in at least one mile-long swim this week.  I’m also hoping our neighbors shovel their sidewalks enough to allow for some running later today.  But for now, I’m bundled up and working from home.  

They warned us at the tri club meeting at the beginning of the season that there will be weeks that you don’t meet all of your training goals.  You will take a week off here or there, and that’s okay.  I’m already feeling like I have a really good base for this race, so I just need to keep sticking with the program and I will have a good race.  I already feel like I can survive it as long as I don’t totally choke on the swim.  Which is not a foregone conclusion.  So I will keep swim swim swimming.  If the outdoor pool at our gym opens in April like it did last year, I plan to swim at least 3 days a week to acclimate to the cold and also to make sure that I can really swim the distance – I figure since the swim is my weakest event, I should practice it the most.  


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