This Week

This week, I seem to be hitting a bit of a plateau in terms of motivation.  I’ll be trying to get to bed super early this week and foam rolling before bed so that whatever tightness in my legs goes away quickly.  I’ve been avoiding making plans during the week so I have time to work out in the evening, but that is over this week.  Spanish classes start up again this week; and I have a number of evening plans over the next few weeks, so I have to try to get my workouts in in the morning.  

Sunday: 4 mile trail run

Monday: Spin Class

Tuesday: Swim 

Wednesday: Spin Class & Run on Treadmill afterwards

Thursday: Swim 

Friday: Rest or Makeup Day

Saturday: 8-9 mile run

I’m not really following a specific training plan, and there is some variation as to how much I should be exercising, so this month I’m going to try to focus on increasing my time on the bike to be 90+ minutes for my “long ride” day, and to make sure I’m getting in a “long swim” day where I swim a mile continuously without stopping, and then I’ll work that up to swimming two miles continuously.  My old swim teacher’s advice was to be able to swim twice the distance in the pool as I’ll need to in the race, so my goal is to be able to get up to swimming two miles continuously by the end of March, and then in April, ideally, I will start open-water swimming. (Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.)  

In the interest of breaking my goals down into smaller, more achievable things, this is my to-do list to be able to continue training:
-Install bike computer (husband is doing this as I type)
-Figure out what is wrong with my bike shoes or my bike so that I can clip and unclip without having to worry that my shoe has unscrewed itself.  
-Buy a tri top (maybe – at least try one on)
-Purchase or rent a new wetsuit
-Join a tri club 
-Sign up for a long group ride on because my riding buddy continues to be out of commission 

How is your February looking?


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