I went trail running this weekend for the first time in awhile and my calves and legs are so sore.

The trails were really snowy but it was raining so my stabilizer muscles were working overtime. I didn’t fall at all though, so I feel pretty good about it not being a total disaster, but I was too sore this morning to spin, so I’m probably not going to do a ton of new stuff that might further interfere with my training.




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3 responses to “Trails

  1. I may be able to try trail running! Did you use trail shoes or just your regular shoes? I asked about trail shoes at the running store and they said that unless they’re running totally uncultivated trails they just use an old pair of running shoes. Which seemed like strange advice for someone looking to actually purchase trail shoes, but, meh.

    • That was supposed to read “about” not “able”. Of course I’m able.

      • vadoporroesq

        I do own special trail shoes but I would not have bought them if I was not doing a 20 mile race in the Uwharrie National Forest – I trained for up to 14 miles in a slightly older pair of regular running shoes (I upgraded mine before they were kaput and used the old ones for trail running – they get really muddy and mine let in a lot of dirt but that varies by shoe.) For up to 10 miles and on not-rocky trails, running shoes are absolutely fine, so make sure you are suited to trail running and will do enough of it to make it worth the money before you bother investing in trail runners. I talked about my search for trail shoes here –

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