This Week

This week, I’m cutting myself a bit of slack because my biggest priority is to make sure that Mr. Porro is doing okay and has a good supply of soup. Mr. Porro is also taking the week off from running, so I have to get used to getting up all on my own and getting out the door, which is hard for me. I’m still going to try to get my 2 SBR in, but it might not happen. I also might skip my rest day to fit it all in.

Monday – Spin class in the morning, weight training in the evening
Tuesday – Swim AM, possible evening run
Wednesday – Spin class in the morning, weight training in the evening

Thursday – Swim AM, possible post-swim or evening run depending on schedule
Friday – Possible run, if I have not been able to run any other day, or possible swim if I can’t go on Thursday.
Saturday – 8 mile trail run at the cabin we’re staying at for a bachelorette party
Sunday – 3 mile run, or swim if we get home early enough before the Superbowl

My shoulder has been hurting during swimming, so I structured my swim last week to give myself plenty of rest – I swam last Sunday and Tuesday, which gave me a full week between swims, and I’m going to try to work in more shoulder raises, which are huge in helping me not get injured swimming.

Anyone have any tips on not getting injured? Favorite shoulder exercises or stretches?


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