This Week

This Week, in Work:

I have six hearings scheduled, as well as currently an intake and a work meeting.  Things have been really slow at work for the 6 weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years (and a week before and after), so it’s kind of a relief to be back up to speed, but it does remind me that I need to take a couple of my suits to the cleaner’s and bring another pair of office shoes back in now that I’m back in court so much.  Our division rotates judges on the first of the year, so I’m getting used to the new judges.  I have the advantage of knowing two of them socially before they came to the bench, which is great, and this year I knew to get the 4-11 on all of them before they rotated in.  

This Week, in Training:

I went to spin this morning and swimming yesterday.  Which is 2/6 down for my 2 SBR goal for the week.  I’m planning to get in another run either today or Wednesday morning, and then swimming and weight lifting Tuesday and Thursday (yes, it’s an extra swim, but one of those may not happen) and spin on Wednesday. Friday is a rest day and Saturday will be my long run day.  I’m aiming to hit 7-8 miles to stay on track for my March half-marathon training.  (I signed up on the later side so I have no spare weekends and have to make the long runs count every week if I want to have a comfortable race.)

This Week, in Other Stuff I Do That Isn’t Work or The Gym:

Today, my goal is to square things up with my health insurance and make progress on my 2014 goal to find a therapist.  If your work makes you cry and gives you nightmares, therapy is important.  I’m also going to make some progress on a baby quilt I need to make for a friend, and do some pro bono stuff that I’m behind on.  

I’m also going to make some progress in finalizing our spring travel plans.  We have to book an AirBnB room for my husband’s marathon, we have to book a hotel room for our Denver trip in a month, and we have to book a post-marathon vacation.  

What’s on your to-do list?


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