Shrodinger’s Voicemail

Every morning, when I get in, I check my voicemail. For some reason I dread doing this. Probably because one time my voicemail was full of angry and anxious messages from an opposing party who was mad at me for not going to postponement court even though my voicemail message said I was out that day.  I think it’s also because the voicemail is one thing that can really throw my day off.

I work in a field that is full of emergencies.  Where things change at the drop of a hat, where somebody comes home when they weren’t supposed to or is released from prison early.  No new messages means no new problems.  New messages often means crises management, motions to be filed, hearings to attend that were not on my radar yet.  Since I work week-to-week, rather than calendaring things out months in advance, this seems like something I shouldn’t complain about, but surprises are frustrating.  Oddly, I do not have the same concerns when my phone rings. More often than not, my phone ringing is a request for service or assistance, or some kind of emergency.  Yet somehow the voicemail is so much worse.  Until I check it, I don’t know if it’s empty or full of problems for me to solve.  

It would be very nice if I had caller ID or a way to know who called before I checked the messages, or how many calls, or whether there is a new voicemail, but I have none of those fancy features that a $10 cell phone provides by my office cannot afford.  It is perhaps because I am used to my cell phone telling me who has called and when and why that I am having issues with the black hole of my office voicemail.  

Does anyone have any tips for dealing with Shrodinger’s voicemail? 


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