Chlorine & Winter

The disadvantage of taking up swimming again in the dead of winter is that my skin is just not having this.  On Thursday, I forgot my swim cap and my toiletry bag for the gym, which meant that not only did I swim capless (do not recommend), I had to use gym soap for my after-swim shower.  The gym soap is particularly harsh, and I forewent shampooing because the gym soap is worse for my hair than not shampooing it. Or so I thought.  No, no it is not.  My scalp itched in a thoroughly unattractive way all day.  I realized that even using regular soap and shampoo after swimming doesn’t totally fix all of the effects anyway, so this morning, I hit Target and picked up some new supplies.

On the recommendation of a friend, I thought I would try Dove Winter Care which may very well be exactly the same as regular Dove, but we’ll see.  I also picked up a sample of Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap in peppermint and a bottle of Suave for Kids Swim and Sport because when I googled around looking for cleansing shampoos, all the ones that were recommended were at least $10.  I tried the castile soap and the swim shampoo after my swim this morning and my scalp is not enraged (I also wore a swim cap) and my skin is not itching the way it normally does.

A number of folks have suggested using coconut oil as a moisturizer, and I have tried that, and while I’m not convinced it really helps me stay moisturized, I do smell delicious.  I haven’t figured out a way to travel with it, since I buy coconut oil at Costco – tonight I picked up one of those small plastic jars they sell at Container Store because I figured it would be the best way to take it to the gym.

Anyone have some chlorine cleaner or dry skin tips to share?


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