Tri-ing to fit it all in

I went to a tri club meeting on Monday. It was a nice group of people and might be a good club to join, but the guest speakers there talked a lot about picking the right race for the right reasons, and they said a few things about picking races that stuck with me.

For people who want to train for an Ironman and have young kids, the coach advised against it. She pointed out that your kids will remember that you skipped their basketball games to go for a seven hour bike ride. She pointed out that the Ironman will still be there in twenty years and you just can’t get this kind of time back. I guess a lot of folks will argue that they won’t be in as good shape when they are 50, but my friend’s mom did the Lake Placid Ironman and qualified for Kona at 65, so I’m choosing to believe that age is just a number. Also, right now, I don’t really want to do an Ironman so this is not an issue for me yet. I might change my mind on this, so I’m trying to not look silly in five or ten or thirty years when I’m training for my first Ironman and going "never say never!"

The more relevant part that helped me was that they said that if you are having trouble doing 2 a week of swim-bike-run, you may have to cut your strength training and yoga and "fun" exercises.

I was feeling good about fitting everything in, being four days into training and seven days into December, and then it happened. I went to bed too late on Monday, and Tuesday, going to the gym just Did Not Work. Working out at home Did Not Work. And then this morning, I got back in the saddle, literally, and my bike froze on my way to spin class. And so now I’m shuffling my evening plans and hoping that my friend doesn’t mind not doing happy hour and instead getting a later drink because my gym only has a 6pm spin class. I’m also trying to find a non-spin-class spin podcast or something, because I think you are allowed to go into the spin room and use the spin bikes but I’m not totally sure. I hope so because I don’t have sneakers to use on the recumbent.

So what I concluded today is that it’s not always going to work out. It’s just not. I’m going to miss training days. I’ll probably miss training weeks. And so I just have to do the best I can, and that’s why I gave myself such a long training program. I also am considering this next four weeks as building my base for training, and building a base seems to mean "building a routine" as much as it means being able to survive spin without dying and being able to swim more than two sets of laps without stopping. So I am indeed learning things about starting a routine.


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