Triathlon Clubs & Training Programs

So when I signed up for my first Olympic Distance tri, I knew I also needed to join a triathlon club.  I am a social exerciser, and I need other people to check in with me and keep me going.  I also need resources who can help me prepare for long open water swims and tell me whether the wetsuit my husband bought me for Christmas is too small.

There are two local triathlon clubs.  One is more north of my city and one is more south.  One seems to really have their act together and does weekly group workouts, bricks, and open water swims.  Since my weakest area is the open water swim, I’m inclined to join a group where I can definitely get open-water practice on a regular basis.  However, I feel very loyal to the other group because I went to one of their events once four years ago and am an insane person.  They are all very nice people and I don’t know anyone from this other, fancier group.

The fancier group is also focused more on some of the local races run by the local tri club, which are not terribly appealing to me because they are extremely expensive and also very hilly with extremely long swims.  I think I’m going to just have to go to the January 6 tri club meeting, see how I like it, and then decide from there.

Another thing to decide on is a training program.  My Olympic Distance tri is May 18, 2014.  There is also a half marathon I would like to do at the end of April.  The only thing that means is that I have to make my long runs on the weekends longer.  I was planning on using this 20-week program, with longer runs on the weekend.  I would have to adjust it a bit, because the long runs don’t really work with hockey games on Sundays.   I do really like the look of this 18-week program, which has the long runs on Saturdays, but has three days a week of swimming, which I find is hard on my shoulders.  However, the swim is my weakest event, so spending more time improving my swimming is not going to be a bad thing.

Has anyone here done an Olympic distance race and have a good training program they would recommend?


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