New Year, New You

I told myself “new year, new you” yesterday. Then I realized I wasn’t thinking. I don’t want to be a new me this year. I want to be an old me. I want to be the old me who would get up in the morning and go to spin class at 5:30. I want to be the old me who would go running three times a week, building up long mileage on the weekends. I want to be the old me who would happily swim laps.

This new me, who sleeps in, who lacks energy, that’s not the me I want to be this year. I’ve been working on this, ready to hit 2014 running, for the last month. I exercised almost every day in December, only falling off towards the end because my grandmother passed away very suddenly last weekend. So I’m ready to face January, and my goal is to exercise every day and put up a post here everyday.

My overall goals for the year? I’d like to find a new job. I’m going to do my first Olympic Distance Triathlon. I’m going to find a therapist. I’m going to revamp my wardrobe so that I am cleaning out clothing I don’t need at the end of every season. I’m going to get back to budgeting – we had been having a lot of success using EEBA. And I’m going to read more books.

I’m also going to check a few more things off my 30 in 30 list. I’m also going to try to finish my list and edit the goals that just aren’t going to happen (it is impossible to believe that an Egypt trip will be something we feel safe doing before I am 30).

  1. Run a marathon (done)
  2. Do a century bike ride (September 27, 2014)
  3. Do an Olympic distance triathlon (May 18, 2014)
  4. Make my own cheese (done)
  5. Make my own yogurt (done)
  6. Go back to Egypt
  7. Do a trail race (done)
  8. Pace my friend E. on one of her Ultramarathons (done! twice!)
  9. Go diving in the pacific ocean (done)
  10. Take an overnight train trip with my husband
  11. Put a backsplash up in the kitchen (done!)
  12. Grow vegetables (we are on our second year of our garden plot – last year’s yields weren’t huge, but were tasty.)
  13. Go on a racecation (race + vacation)
  14. Volunteer at the nature center where we got married
  15. Try CrossFit
  16. Take a boxing class
  17. Take a photography class (done – I took a four week intermediate photography class this fall)
  18. Take baked goods to the new neighbors (done)
  19. Go to Australia
  20. Do a bike tour of Niagra wineries
  21. Do a beer tour somewhere new (done – March 2013 in Denver)
  22. See a Broadway play
  23. Run a half-marathon in under 2 hours
  24. Learn Spanish (on level 2A of Introductory Spanish.)
  25. Score the winning goal in a hockey game (done!)
  26. Earn a salary and have health insurance.(done!)
  27. Grow my hair out and donate it (in progress)

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