Women’s League

My hockey team league administrator sent an email that reminded me that I have even more things to be thankful for than I think that I do.

Every Sunday, one of my best friends and I drive down to an ice rink, we lace up our skates, and we go out with our teammates and we get to play ice hockey. There are rinks out there that do not allow women to play. There are places where women do not get to play sports. There are women who will never run marathons, not because of their athletic ability, but because of their gender, their socioeconomic status, or their country’s attire requirements.

And so I am grateful, to live in the United States, to have been born after Title IX, in a time, where while we may have a long way to go until women’s professional sports are everything they should be, we can at least all enjoy playing sports, and occasionally catch them on TV.

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