Merrell Evera Review

This year, my Merrell Emme Spire ( shoes finally started to get pretty beat up, so I decided I would order a new pair of Mary Janes, and I decided I wanted some I could bike in.  I also decided that I wanted a pair that didn’t make me look 80.  I did some googling for fancy bike shoes, but nothing was coming up.  Eventually, I came accross the Merrell Evera line (  

 They were pretty pricey, and there weren’t very many reviews of the shoes.  I ordered the Shift shoes off of Zappos and while they fit and were comfortable, I decided I didn’t want open toed shoes, and then I returned them and ordered the Cross off of  (

The Cross are both incredibly comfortable and pretty cute.  The pink strap is still something I have mixed feelings about, but I get tons of compliments on them.  I get some chafing and blisters, but I try to pair them with no-show socklets and that addresses the problem entirely – and the socks actually don’t show with these shoes, unlike almost all my other shoes.  In general, the high heel doesn’t bother me – it’s not quite low enough to not feel like a heel, but my feet do not hurt all day after wearing them and I can wear them at least two days in a row.  

So how are they as a bike shoe? Awesome.  I love that I finally have a cute shoe that doesn’t fall off that I can wear to morning meetings where I have to be able to get right off the bike and walk in.  The shoes stay on and they are really beautifully designed – the heel hooks around the pedal, and has a special reinforcement on the inside of the heel to keep it from getting damaged.  The shank is extra heavy duty and the sole is really thick so you can’t feel the pedal through the shoe (a problem I’ve had with almost all of my other dress shoes).  They are okay with cage pedals, although better without (bizarrely, I have half of one cage pedal on my commuter bike, so I can make this assessment.)

The shoes have a handy reflective stripe on the back, which is great, and the pink elastic straps stay on.  The straps are too big for my narrow feet, but they don’t look that weird, and the shoes definitely stay on.  I’m contemplating buying a pair of their sandals while they are on sale, and possibly a pair of their boots for this winter.  

Has anyone else tried anything from this line? What do you think? Any other brands that make heels that work well for cycling?


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