Running a race after Boston

My running buddy is from Boston and she’s the one that got married the weekend of the marathon.  We talked a little bit about it after it happened, and I imagine we’ll talk about it in the future.  But we didn’t talk about doing anything for the race, but we were surrounded by people running in “Boston Strong” t-shirts and a few homemade shirts and signs attached to the back of their shirts showing support for Boston.

As we ran around the course, the cheers of the marching band in one section were drowned out by one of the police helicopters that was watching us along the course.  As we passed under a bridge, we waved to the photographer – and realized he was watching with binoculars not a camera, and we realized he was law enforcement.  None of this was surprising, because we passed this at the beginning of the race:

Photo Apr 28, 9 59 21 AM

I don’t know if this is the future of racing.  I don’t know if the dozens (more likely hundreds) of people wearing Boston shirts were from Massachusetts (a number were wearing Massachusetts or NE team in training shirts), people who have run Boston, or just members of the running community who wanted to show support.  I’m not sure if I feel the police presence was truly reassuring, or if I’m more reassured by the idea that the Boston bombing was a freak accident, or if I’m more reassured by reminding myself that I’m actually less likely to die because I run, since I’m significantly more likely to die of heart disease than a terrorist attack, but while I had a few moments where I wondered if we would even know if something happened at the finish while we were on the course, where we waded through the crowds and I wondered if this was how the spectators felt, and if anything would happen, and how would I react.

Do you think Boston will change the way you run?


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