Fashion Cents: Flats

I write about my constant search for comfortable professional shoes a lot here, but I didn’t update everybody on my search for totally wearable flats.  I have the problem with flats usually that they cause horrible blisters on the backs of my heels or on the top of my foot, so I’m very wary of everyone’s suggestion that they love ballet flats and think they are the greatest thing ever.  However, I needed something cute and stylish to wear with jeans that wasn’t sneakers, so I decided to invest in a nice pair of flats that hopefully wouldn’t make me cry (I’m not being hyperbolic or exaggerating, I’m super blister prone.)

I was looking for a pair of nude shoes, preferably patent leather.  At the very least, I wanted a neutral shoe, that was maybe a bit interesting, but would go with pretty much everything.  Enter the B.O.C. Batik Flat.



They took a bit of breaking in – wearing them for short distances, and with stockings, and for short periods of time, but I wore them all weekend, including for a mile and a half walk, and they did not give me a single blister – although my legs did start to hurt because they don’t have any padding.  I was very concerned about having orange shoes, but they are a very neutral color and go with almost anything that I own, which is really nice.  I don’t feel quite comfortable wearing them with skirt suits for court, but I definitely wear them with pants to work and with jeans around town, so I’m pretty happy with them.  They were more expensive than I have spent on flats in the past, but if the difference between $30 flats and $60 flats is blisters, I’m okay with spending the extra money.  I only wish they would go on sale so I could snap up the blue and raspberry pair.

Does anyone have any recommendations for possibly less pricey but still cute and comfortable flats?  What do you wear for long walks to/from work?



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2 responses to “Fashion Cents: Flats

  1. Jo

    The big thing that saved flats for me are the Heavenly Heelz stickers.

    (I have the BOC flats above in nude-to-me. They’re the first flats I’ve ever worn that don’t cause blisters!)

  2. I think they work in that color is because of the pattern. I can’t tell from the picture if it has a texture or not. Either way, I like them!

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