Is there an app for that?

For my job, I use my personal cell phone to take photographs and to record voicemails that are left on my clients answering machine. Basically, my phone is my camera and tape recorder. This has led to a few problems:

1. Personal client data is being stored on my phone, which has no security whatsoever.
2. The voice recording app that I use does not allow me to name files, only calling them "voicemail 1" etc.
3. Nothing is organized. Client photos are stored in my phone alongside my instagram shots of beverages I drink on vacation and pictures of my shoes so my twitter friends can tell me how fancy they are.

I think, generally, I would like an app that allows me to keep track of client phone numbers and information, so that if I am in court and realize I need to contact a client, I can pull up their number and call them with Google Voice. I can create contacts in Google Voice, so I think I will start saving client contact info to Google Voice, but that is kind of a lot of work to do for a client that I potentially meet with twice and never speak to again, so I wish it was easier. This will also allow me to set up hours during which clients can contact me (eg only during work hours). I still feel like I’m not using Google Voice as well as I would like, but it allows clients to call me when I’m at court, and in theory I can turn it off on the weekends and when I’m not in court.

The problem is that then I would like to be able to assign photos and voicemails to client contact information. So that basically I have an e-file on my phone (that can sync with my computer) to deal with my clients. It would be even better if it could also pull up my client’s entire intake, so that if I ever get stuck out of the office, I can reference it. The issue is then I have to beef up security on my phone, because suddenly instead of random pictures, I have pictures that are tied to each client, and a massive amount of client data on my phone.

I would also like it if the pictures I use for work could be stored in a different folder than my camera’s "gallery" folder. I have not yet run into a situation where I’m flipping through pictures on my phone to show a friend our garden plot, and then am suddenly showing them pictures of a client’s injury, but it could happen.

So my question for you, dear readers is:
1) What is the best way to use google voice?
2) Is there some kind of "best evidence" app that collects evidence, saves it in a separate folder, and tags everything with client names?

I currently have an Andriod phone, but plan to get an iPhone or better Andriod phone in December/January, so I’m open to all suggestions.



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2 responses to “Is there an app for that?

  1. On newer Android OSs GVoice can give you a home screen widget to turn call forwarding on and off. So that might help improve that situation…

  2. duhbeckster

    I’m way late to this party, but you might be able to get Evernote to do some of the things that you want. It’s web-based and has apps for Android, iPhone/iPad, and for your computer so you can access data wherever. You could do something like have a notebook for each client and tags for different types of files (photo, audio, text, etc.) or however it makes the most sense to you to set it up. Obviously you would need to sort out the privacy/security risks of having data tied together in a cloud-based service like that, but I think that would be the case with pretty much any service you found that could do what you want. I use Evernote to keep track of just about everything work-related lately, and I especially like that I can email things to myself and tag them for the correct folder and tags in the email. I don’t use Google Voice for work, but I suspect others have found ways to integrate–at the very least, there’s always emailing the transcript, etc. Good luck!

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