Fall and Winter Footwear

Oh man, so it’s fall. And I have new footwear problems:

1.) I lost weight and all of my pants are too long. I can wear heels at work, but I won’t walk to work in heels, so I need some kind of comfortable wedge shoe to wear that will keep my pants off the ground that I can wear for a mile. (Also, hem pants, but that will happen one day.)

2.) The courtrooms are still cold. Outside is warm, but will eventually be cold. I need warmer shoes. I have a pair of non-ugg boots with white stitching and I’ll be pushing the envelope and wearing them in the winter when it is actually cold, but can anybody recommend a good fleece lined boot/bootie type thing or a good place to hunt for fleece or fur lined flats? I tried to buy them last year but they were all cheap and didn’t have my size.

I’m thinking that something like this or this but I feel like there must be more stylish options out there. I’m not stuck on black, but I can’t do brown – all of my suits are black or gray. Purple goes over well in this town, or an "oxblood" color that is so hip this season would be a nice neutral. So lay it on me, stylish people of the internets!


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