Daily Mile – to use or not?

I read this post this morning, and it kind of made me think.  I stopped using Daily Mile after the last half that I ran, because well, I was tired of training and I was tired of logging it.  Also, I was being really lazy about my workouts and I didn’t want to admit it.  Husband and I recently declared a challenge though, a competition if you will, that we will each try to run 10 miles a week (pathetic? yes. still challenging to achieve? yes.) and the loser (if there is one) has to do that week’s hateful chore (change the sheets, vacuum, clean the draining rack, mop).

This week, the house loses, because we both met our 10 miles.  The challenge was what finally had me run a six mile run for the first time since I ran the half (in May), and got my husband out of bed early this morning after a night of a wee bit of overindulging, so I think it was good for both of us.  We are tracking the challenge on Daily Mile.

The thing that I love about Daily Mile, and the reason I use it, is because it saves your routes.  I find that the apps for my SmartPhone don’t work very well, especially because with the latest android update for my phone, the GPS doesn’t pick up signal for about an hour or so, so I need a system to save my routes, since I run the same two miles to the community garden, the same three mile loop from my house, the same nine-mile loop through the local trail system.  I don’t really care about getting “encouragement” from my friends, and I get weirded out by friend requests from total strangers.  However, every once in awhile, the social aspect of it is helpful.  My facebook friends and my twitter friends really do not want to hear about my running, and they definitely don’t want to hear about my weird running injuries.  It is also great when you are training with friends, because you can compare notes, make sure they did their long runs, and see how they are doing, especially if they live far away from you or are recovering from injury.  I’m always super-supportive when people are recovering from injury, and will offer any tips I have for them based on my own experience.

It’s also a good logging tool – if I log my mileage on it, I know how many miles I’ve put on my sneakers.  I know how many miles I’m running a week.  (Not many.)  It’s great for doing pace calculations if you aren’t wearing a GPS watch – we time ourselves, put the time in, and it calculates our pace.  I don’t need to do any of that super-hard math stuff that chicks are bad at.  So I think DailyMile is actually a useful tool, although I wish I could program in a training plan and it could tell me what I’m supposed to do.  I also wish it had an app.

However, I totally do not understand Fitocracy.  I mean, honestly?  What’s the point?  Please explain.  It kept giving me weird merit badges for doing, y’know, my regular workout.  I know you can also create challenges, etc. on it, or compete with people to rack up more points, but I think it’s geared towards gamers and I just don’t get it.



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2 responses to “Daily Mile – to use or not?

  1. I’ve logged all my runs on Dailymile since starting this year. Its all part of the routine now.

  2. I’ve never used daily mile, but I’ve found that I really, really like fitocracy. I like the idea of getting points for my workouts, and the stupid little badges inspire me to do more. Some of them are also for activities I wouldn’t normally do, and I’d like to focus on doing some more of those. If a stupid electronic badge system inspires me to work out more and to try new things, I’ll take it! Plus I enjoy seeing what other people are doing on there and cheering them on (and being cheered on) at times!

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