Wrong Numbers

I received a notice yesterday that a client had a hearing scheduled for today. I thought this was bizarre, because I hadn’t filed or been served with a motion. I called the client several times, and although I left a message, it occurred to me that I might have a wrong number. My clients mostly use Boost or Cricket phones, so this isn’t uncommon. I finally called the court, had them send over a copy of the motion that was filed, and then called my client using the latest number she had provided with the court.

I came in this morning to an extremely angry message from an opposing party from a prior case, letting me know that I was calling the wrong number. (I don’t know how this happened AT ALL.) I can understand why it’s irritating, since the first three months I had my phone, I got wrong number calls constantly for a woman who worked in dining services. I also appreciated him calling me to let me know. The part that bothered me was the part where he reminded me that he refused to shake my hand in court because he doesn’t like me. (He decided to dislike me without ever meeting me, by the way. Most of my opposing parties feel that I have been snowed or tricked in some way by my clients, and some of them just generally appreciate that they can talk to me and not their clients.)

I really want to respond and call him back and say, "I’m sorry to have been calling you, and for the record, I’m a lovely person, and you sir, are an asshat."


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