New Shoes!

A couple of months ago, I realized that nearly all of my work shoes – my sensible, comfortable, easygoing, black – work shoes were starting to wear out.  Only my Ecco flats had escaped unscathed (only needing a bit of polish).  Even my trusty Merrells were starting to lose their soles.  

I priced having my Court shoes resoled (these are the shoes I keep in the office that look good with everything and are crazy comfortable), but the resoling was more than I paid for the shoes originally, and the leather around the toes and the heels is also starting to wear out.  What kind of shoes won’t hold up for 3x a week use over a period of two years?  My husband’s shoes get replaced every 3 years, and he wears them daily.  I call shenanigans on the women’s footwear industry, but that’s not going to get me what I need.  

I went hunting for good neutral shoes I could wear with my blue dress pants and came home with an adorable pair of BOC flats, which are orange.  Then I bought orange sandals.  Orange is a surprisingly good shoe color, I highly recommend it.  

I decided to get by with my shoes, but today at lunch, due to a power failure in my building, I had some free time and went to the mall.  I was heading to Nordstrom Rack to shoe shop, but on the way figured I’d hit the Rockport store.  They are owned by Adidas and their shoes have spongy liners and nonskid soles.  Some of them are extremely comfortable, and some are just comfortable.  I had a $20 off coupon that expired at the end of the month, and they had a big “sale!” sign up.  I walked out with these pumps, which are a variation from anything I’ve ever owned – they have a higher heel and a pointier toe, but they don’t make my toes feel all squinched together.  The color is definitely more beige than “nude-to-me” which is what I was going for, but they looked REALLY GOOD with the dress I had on, and I think they will look great with some of my other oddly-colored summer dresses.  

It’s funny how much a pair of shoes can change the way I feel.  These made me somehow feel more confident and stylish.  I felt even better when the shoe sales lady commented that her lawyer wears really heinous shoes because she has big feet.  If my clients are going to notice my shoes, I feel justified in stepping up my game.  


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