My job: a quick window.

I thought maybe it’s time to give you some insight into my job.  Not just my job, but the job of any busy litigator who works on the kind of cases I work on.  I generally have about a week’s notice before I have a trial, if that.  This job probably affords the least amount of advance notice and trial prep, which I’m finding that I sort of like.  Cases don’t drag on and on.

So let’s start with last Wednesday.  Last Wednesday, I was sitting in my office, minding my own business, writing up a successful rep from that morning and doing paperwork, when suddenly the phone rang.  It was the clerk letting me know I had a Potential Client (PC).  Inwardly, I groaned, because it meant having a hearing next week on my birthday.  But I went out and talked to the PC.  I had scarcely sat back down when he let me know that I had another PC.  I talked to her, and then there was a third right behind her.  So I’m staring down three hearings on the following Wednesday.  I check my schedule and the only time I can meet with them is Monday afternoon. I schedule all of their “intakes” back to back, and spend Thursday and Friday of last week getting as much as possible ready for this week, since I had a full day Monday and then a conference Tuesday and these cases, plus another afternoon case, on Wednesday.

Yesterday, I went to a morning meeting with advocates from all over the state, and then was in my office prepping.  My 1pm client called to cancel, so I scheduled her intake to be over the phone with a legal advocate from another office on Tuesday morning.  Then I realized that the hearing I was supposed to have on Wednesday afternoon accidentally got scheduled for Tuesday, so I had to rush a motion to postpone over to the court, and then I was running late for my second client meeting.  I met with and agreed to represent the second client, and then I waited for my third client to show up.  She didn’t, so I scheduled her intake for Tuesday morning as well.

I spent Tuesday alternately learning about all the neat stuff the conference had to offer, and stressing over whether my motion would get granted or the clients would actually call and do their intakes with the legal advocate.  I got their intakes at noon, but because there was no WiFi at the conference (which I’ll confess to thinking was standard nowadays), I had to rush back to the office after the conference and read through their intakes.  I called them to ask a few questions, agreed to represent them, and then printed entries of appearance and retainer agreements for both of their cases.

With any luck, tomorrow, things will happen in the right order – all of my clients will show up on time, I will file my entry of appearance before court starts, somebody will consent, and I won’t have to do three full trials back-to-back.  Of course, I don’t have that kind of luck.  But I’m getting better at this, so hopefully I’ll be able to at least make it through court without passing out.

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