Detours Handlebar Bag

Last Friday, I was reminded by REI that I needed to spend my member coupon, so I perused their outlet. I ordered a messenger bag to fit on the back rack of my bike, but it was slow in coming and I was beginning to think about a handlebar bag, maybe something that would be good for yoga or the farmer’s market, as well. So I was extra excited when I saw that REI had the Detours Handlebar Bag on clearance, and promptly ordered it. It came on Wednesday and I mounted it to my bike and have been able to ride both yesterday and today with it.

If you are looking for an easy way to get your stuff around town, this bag is definitely for you. It holds all my stuff for work, which is pretty much just my clutch/wallet with phone, my business card holder, my makeup bag, and my lunch. I can’t put client files or anything in it, but I don’t usually take those with me. I can fit all of my gym clothes and a spare pair of shoes. Last night, it fit everything I needed for yoga, an extra grocery bag, and five yogurts. I’m sure it will also easily fit my DLSR and I might make it its own insert.

The attachment is pretty good, but not perfect – it’s a little too big for my handlebars, and jerks around a smidgen, plus sometimes it takes a bit of jiggling to get the bag in and out – but it is light years better than any of my other solutions, including bungie cording my bag to the rack. It also has a waterproof top with a see through compartment, so if you, like me, find yourself still holding your keys after you’ve put everything else on your bike, there is an easy place to stash them.

Overall, this bag seems pretty good and I’m excited to see what else Detours offers, especially products that use the same mount – I’m picturing one on my road bike and one on my hybrid and being able to swap bags.

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