Makeup Issues

I have begun wearing makeup to work. I acutally really like wearing it to work – I feel like it makes me look a little older, more professional, and a lot of my clients wear makeup so I feel like I should at least make the effort. Right now, I’m using the Makeup 4 Ever foundation I got for my wedding, and mixing it in a 2::1 ratio with my moisturizer. It’s still a bit itchy and heavy, so I’m trolling for suggestions.

I would really like a good tinted moisturizer, preferably one that costs less than $20. One that has sunscreen in it and doesn’t make my face itchy. Recommendations, please! I have used mineral powder in the past, which I also like, but I would love to save a step, since I wear moisturizer anyway.

I would also really like to know what to do with my face. Foundation/blush/powder is pretty much all I’ve got. I’m reluctant to fall down the rabbit hole of wearing eye makeup, but is there some kind of eye brightening powder that might be good? I have white eyeshadow, which I sometimes wear, but then it’s a little glaring and I have to add other makeup. Maybe a really pale nude color?

I also need more lipstick. I think that neutrals are good for court, but a couple of my coworkers wear pretty dark colors. Anyone have any thoughts on the matter? I think most glosses are too shiny – the courtroom is not a runway – but most lipstick-lipsticks are too matte and they get all over my teeth, so maybe a stain of some kind? I don’t know. Any ideas?


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5 responses to “Makeup Issues

  1. I only wear foundation when I’ve got something special going on, but when I’m looking for something light to make my face even-toned, I put on some primer (Smashbox has a good photo finish one I’ve heard good things about, right now I’m using a Revlon tinted primer, and actually e.l.f. – cheap stuff – had a really good primer that feels like powder) and then some loose powder I put on with a kabuki brush. It feels light and not itchy, and takes less effort than foundation.

    Still figuring out my lipstick situation – I sometimes blend mattes with glosses so it looks less intense.

    I’m more of an eye make-up person, but get a white highlighter pencil. NYX has a really great one b/c it’s very smooth. I put a litte in the corner of my eye by my nose and smudge a little on my eye line and it really makes things pop some more.

  2. M

    I haven’t found the perfect lipstain (and now that I’m trying to buy more natural cosmetics, I may have to give up the search altogether? I bought a Tarte stain but it doesn’t have much staying power), however, this stuff stays on for a long time in my experience (I wore it all day on my wedding) and it’s not super-pricey:

    It does not moisturize your lips, though, so I usually added lip gloss on top.

  3. Lethe

    For tinted moisturizer I use Stila, which I have been very happy with. It’s not cheap, but it lasts a long time and comes in lots of colors, and with this stuff finding the right color is everything. I used to use Laura Mercier, which was not a perfect match but also had a good light level of coverage.

    For lipstain there is the old favorite BeneTint. It’s a true stain, not an oil-based lip color which sits on the top of your lips, so it lasts a long time and does not flake or fade in weird patterns. Only downside is that there are only a couple colors, but they are supposed to look good on everyone. The original BeneTint is sort of….blood-colored, if that makes sense, so that if you put it on with light coverage it just looks like your lips are flushed. It’s expensive but it lasts so long I have still never had to re-buy.

    I use a little eye pencil (drugstore cheapo works fine) to add definition but I don’t actually wear eyeshadow. Some people like a light layer of non-smudgy mascara, depending on how light their eyelashes are naturally.

  4. Trisha

    I have some long wear lipstick from MAC that I absolutely love. I wore it my whole wedding day and didn’t have to reapply it once. It comes in a wide range of colors too, including work appropriate ones.

    • vadoporroesq

      They are building a MAC in my city this summer – I’m really excited, because I’ve heard such good things about their stuff!

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