A few organizational things

I have finally figured out, through culling through my past experiences, how I like to organize my folders.

First off, on the outside of the folder, I make a large label that has my client’s name, contact info, and case number. No digging through the file just to call the client.

Secondly, I use one of those two hole punch clasps on the inside to hold the retainer agreement and intake for my client in there. These are not always the most important things to get to, but they don’t really get referenced or shuffled through, and should never leave my folder, so it makes sense to permanently attach them. They are also something it won’t matter if they have holes in them. Then on the other side of the file, I put all of the paperwork in reverse chronological order. The client logs and other tracking paperwork goes under the retainer so it isn’t lose in my file and is easy to access.

The only thing I still want to do is make some kind of "going to court" checklist, since yesterday I forgot my entry of appearance. I don’t know if I need to put that in every file, or if it’s just something I should keep on my desk and consult before I go to court. Any thoughts from the lawyers?

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