GoFurther, Restyled

I’ve stopped running the Go Further challenge, because nobody was really participating and I’m now participating in two private health initiatives and tracking all your activity everywhere gets kind of exhausting. So a group of us have signed up through www.stickk.com, one of those websites that you have to pay if you don’t go to the gym for the week. I opted not to pay money, because as Mr. Porro put it, "isn’t that the same as a gym membership?" in that, well yes, I pay money and if I don’t go to the gym, I’m wasting money. So I simply sent a goal and I have to report to Kinzie every Monday as to whether I met my goal.

My goal is to train for a triathlon. This only involves swimming once a week, spinning once a week, and running once a week. This is not how to actually train for a triathlon, but I’m trying to ease into a more strict training program, which will have to wait until it is warm outside and lighter for longer periods. The first week, I got sick, and I wasn’t able to meet my goal. I swam, I ran, but I did not make it to spin class. So I had to tell Kinzie that I failed and she, being nice, told me she was sure I would meet my goal the next week. Not wanting to let her down, I hit the gym on Wednesday to swim, but only had about 10 minutes. I managed to do 10-12 laps. Then I went to a spin class where I very nearly passed out from exhaustion, and topped everything off with an 18-mile run over the weekend. I was so proud to report that I had met my goal, and I refused to let myself down this week, but I was so sore from my 18-mile run that I barely made it to the gym until Wednesday. On Thursday, I realized I was coming dangerously close to not meeting my goal and so grabbed all my swim gear and made it to the gym for twenty minutes of lap swimming – but I cannot keep track of how many laps I swim! This morning, I went to the gym and did a half hour on a stationary bike. Sitting on the stationary bike is really boring and not a very good calorie burn, so I’ll be trying to make it to spin class more often in the future. I’m hoping to get into a routine soon where I wake up at 5 or 6am every day and go to spin class two days a week and a masters swim class two days a week.

Anyone have any tips for enforcing your own bedtime? I think if I could go to bed at 10:00 every night I could do it, but we are not good at that.



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2 responses to “GoFurther, Restyled

  1. Eeee! I’m glad I can be a source of inspiration. Just a warning, though: I’m starting off nice. But don’t miss your goals over and over, because you don’t want to see me get mean! 🙂

    I’m pretty bad at the self-enforced bedtimes as well, but something that helps me lately is having a no-computer-after-10-pm rule, so I have been ending up in bed by 11 most nights. Turns out that without a computer [insert your own distraction here] to stall, it’s a lot more tempting to get into bed.

    So glad we’re working to support each other through our goals. I’m so impressed by your 18 miler!

  2. Jo

    I’m awesome at going to bed on time. It’s sort of ridiculous and makes me feel super old.

    I am mega impressed by the 18 mile run!

    I’m struggling because I really miss having a workout buddy here. I’m especially struggling because I want to be doing some heavier weight lifting and I don’t have a spotter. Which makes me not go because I don’t get to do what I waaaaant. I need to suck it up!

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